Dont make me think- a common sense Approach to web usability-Steve King

It a good book to read for web usability. randomly I found the summarized pdf that book, it includes:
1. dont make me think
When visit any website, we should list the question:
where am I?
where should I begin?
where did they put?
what are the most important things on this page?
what did they call it that?
2. How we really use the web:
scanning, satisficing, and mudding through
We dont read pages, we scan page
*we are usually in hurry
* we know we dont need to read everything
* we are good at it, we’ve been scanning newspaper, magazine, book and find out what part we are interested in, and we know that it’s work
we dont make optical choice, we satisfice:
in fact, most of time we dont choose the the best option, we choose the first reasonable option. as we find the link that seems link it might lead to what we are looking for, we click it.
why dont web user look for the best choice?
we are usually in a hurry
there’s not much lot of penalty for guessing wrong
weighing option may not improve our chance
Guessing is more fun.
3. Bill board design:
3.1 Create a clear visual hierarchy:
The more important something, the more prominent is
Things are nested visually to show what’s part of what
Things that are related logically are also related visually
3.2 Break up page into clearly defined areas
3.3 Keep the noise down to a dull roar


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