Analysis navigation in Korea Education webs


  1. Hierarchy in text, color, picture
  2. Have breadcrumbs.


  1. The text is not big enough to emphasis the design
  2. On the left, the sub-content is design by gray box and bold text => is it redundant if we use the black box here. If we indent text, and make bold text after click=>it will be simple, elegant design
  3. When clicking on each categories on the top, each page will open with each color=> make users easily to lose way.
  4. the menu and second-menu on the top do not have any connection, that make users dont know exactly which category does the second-menu belong to ?
  5. When hovering onto the category on the top, it still keeps the content until we hover to another content => Make confusion in navigation between the second-menu and left menu. Therefore the second menu here is useless.
  6. The breadcrumb is on the right => difficult to see.
  7. The breadcrumb can not clickable=> make user confuse
  8. The cube icon ( next to the header of content, in the top of each content) seem clickable, but it can not clickable.
  9. The option that we are click on is not outstanding than the main menu =>  distract people.


  1. It’s good to see the content easily when hovering the categories and sub menu is appeared. However, if we are not hover the categories anymore,  it’s should return to the exactly category that are showed in the below.  So that users can know where they are located.
  2. On the left sub menu: Indent the sub sub menu, make bold text after clicking.

(to be continued)


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