Effective Communication in Web Design

Effective Communication in web Design is included visual communication and content. 

Communication is a one of the foundational element of good website. Regardless of whether the website in question is an e-commerce website, a blog, a portfolio website, an information website for a service company, a government website or any other type of website, there is a significant need to communicate effectively with visitors [1]. But how to get the good communication? The idea that to get the effective communication in web Design, there is combination of  viusal communication elements and content. 

1.The element of Visual communication

  •  Typography (body text, header)
  • Image (communicate a message faster, more clearly and more emphatically than text)
  • Title  ( send the important message to visitor)
  • Header (send the important message to visitor)
  • Icon (communicate messages without any text being used)
  • Design style ( also communicate the specific messages to users)
  • Color (not only play an important role in determining a website looks, but also communicate messages to visitor in certain way)
  • Audio and Video

2. Challenges of creating a website with Clear Communication

2.1 Too much content

2.2 Every visitor is  Different

2.3 Clarity

Community with clarity is much more challenge. Because the short amount of time that a new visitors is likely surfing on web. Therefore there is a strong need is communicate quickly and clearly. 

2.4 Keep the communication brief, but Complete

The messages is kept as short and concise as possible. a brief, clear message will generally be  most effective for communication quickly.  Keep a message brief and complete is a major challenge. Therefore,  one of the reasons taglines are so effective is that they can communicate something significant about company/ website in a brief statements will leaves a memorable impression on the visitor.

Shuteye uses three simple short questions at the top of its home page to help identify visitors who could benefit from its offerings. If a visitor answers “Yes” to these questions, he or she immediately has a reason to look into the report offered by Shuteye. The communication at the top of the page is brief but highly effective for filtering potential customers.

Shuteye in Clear And Effective Communication In Web Design

2.5  Having Personality:

Online communication is not the same of face to face communication. The visitor will communicate the company by interact with web interface. Therefore if the web have strong personality will help the users more interactive

Digital Mash, the portfolio website of designer Rob Morris, shows some personality with the tagline “Hero for Hire.” While there are tons of designer portfolio websites out there, Rob’s stands out in part because this statement shows some personality.

Mash in Clear And Effective Communication In Web Design

2.6 Not Over powering the communication with the Design

2.7 Gaining the Trust of Visitor

2.8 Getting  and Keeping Attention

Keeping Attention by using Emphasizing strong color , text. This is also a necessary prerequisite to effective communication. When we have a visitor in a short time go around our web, make sure that we must get them attention st thing the web, if everything is the same, with text and picture without any impression or outstanding.  The visitors can not easily understand the purpose and what contents is offered them, then they quickly out of  our page.

3. What should be communicated

  • 3.1 Purpose of the Company or Website
  • 3.2 What is Offered?,
  • 3.3 How can visitors benefit?
  • 3.4 What action can visitor take?

4.Tips for Effective Communication

  • 4.1 Prioritize
  • 4.2 Determine what visitors should know about the company or website
  • 4.3  Keep it Simple
  • 4.4 Keep it relevant to your target audience
  • 4.5 Make the message impossible to miss
  • 4.6 Style text
  • 4.7 Use headers and sub-headers
  • 4.8  Make everything count, or get rid of it

5. Goals for communication when developing a website

  • 5.1 Clarity
  • 5.2 Communication that truly helps the business and visitors
  • 5.3 Consistence of message
  • 5.4 Design that enhances the message
  • 5.5 Communication that relates to the Target audience
  • 5.6 Use of website structure to build on communication

6. Results of Good communication

  • 6.1 Visitors who understand the purpose of a website
  • 6.2 Improve the brand
  • 6.3  Reduced bounce rates
  • 6.4 Less frustration for visitors
  • 6.5 More sales/leads/ subscribers, etc,
  • 6.7 Less unnecessary Inquires


Effective Communication in web Design is included visual communication Elements and content. Therfore, when we are trying to do an effective  web, we should combine the content and visual communication elemment to have an clear and effective communication, to get more users involve our web.

Resource: Steven Snell, Smashing magazine
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