Clean lab, clean my heart.

Today, all of member in lab intend to clean our lab. It’s not really dirty. But all of us want to clean, and well- organized.  It takes 15 mins and all of use help each others and have fun.  It’s a great time with all of my Korean friends who are always friendly (sometimes I … Continue reading

Song For A Stormy Night

Start to write blog in English

It’s quite difficult for me because English is not my mother tongue and I might meet a lot of obstacles when writing in English. But I will try, then I can master English skills. People said that if you do not try, you do not know how much you can do because people’s ability is endless.  ok… take it … Continue reading

I am ready

I ‘d like to see you thought I’d let you go I wanna to be with you everyday cause I got the feeling that’s beginning to grow and there’s only one thing I want to say… I am ready to love ya I am ready to hold ya … love the rhythm so much…. !!!

Hey, come up with idea with webdesign. It would be fun and interesting. Let’s see how people on the world are doing and follow them. To see their idea, see their inspiration, read design books then you will have get enough motivation to do something beautiful.