Analysis navigation in Korea Education webs

Advantage: Hierarchy in text, color, picture Have breadcrumbs. Disadvantage: The text is not big enough to emphasis the design On the left, the sub-content is design by gray box and bold text => is it redundant if we use the black box here. If we indent text, and make bold text after click=>it will be … Continue reading

Analysis navigation in Denmark Education webs

Navigation is one of the most importance in web design, especially with the web with heavy content. Take a look to see how designers help user to navigate web with heavy contents. 1. Navigating by color: 1. 1 Architektskolen aarhus Advantage: Navigating by small line, and strong color (Yellow) Navigating by black, grey box to … Continue reading

Types of Breadcrumbs on webdesign

Whenever you access any website, the one important thing that you would like to know where you are, where you can go and for what. Therefore, A breadcrumb navigation will help you find you the location that you are in the webpage.  The Advantages of breadcrumb navigation are showing the users’ location, showing the hierarchy, … Continue reading

Expand web contents in interactive way

There are some webs that show us how to expand the content interactively in vertical and horizontal that we do not need to open a new page. Take a look and if you are interested in those kinds of websites, do not hesitate write down your comments, ideas ^^! I. Expand in vertical: 1. Twoto: … Continue reading

Clean lab, clean my heart.

Today, all of member in lab intend to clean our lab. It’s not really dirty. But all of us want to clean, and well- organized.  It takes 15 mins and all of use help each others and have fun.  It’s a great time with all of my Korean friends who are always friendly (sometimes I … Continue reading

Techniques in Feature-Rich Websites

Design is not so difficult once we know some principles, technique. And at the first time, we feel very nervous when we start to design something because we always think we could not image and we are not enough talent to do art things. But don’t worry. Design is also a science that combines with … Continue reading

Colin Scott Lip Stick Stained Cigarette

Thích kiểu gàooooooo thét của anh này ghê ^^! I really likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee emotion that he showed his insight pain ! love this song so much!!!!

Examples of Inspiring Products in website

These days I tried to research about navigation menu in webdesign. By accidentally, I found out tympanu .net (one of the website for web design). They collect example of inspiring whatever in website. Design website for products is not easy than you start to design your blogs. Because in these website, you should consider product categories, … Continue reading

Start to write blog in English

It’s quite difficult for me because English is not my mother tongue and I might meet a lot of obstacles when writing in English. But I will try, then I can master English skills. People said that if you do not try, you do not know how much you can do because people’s ability is endless.  ok… take it … Continue reading