Whenever you access any website, the one important thing that you would like to know where you are, where you can go and for what. Therefore, A breadcrumb navigation will help you find you the location that you are in the webpage.  The Advantages of breadcrumb navigation are showing the users’ location, showing the hierarchy, improving find-ability and improving navigation. Here are some below websites that haves different breadcrumb designs. We will explore the use of breadcrumbs on websites and then discuss some best practices for applying them into your project effectively.

1.  Breadcrums with “:”

2. Breadcrums with “>”

3. Breadcrums with “>>”

4. Breadcrums with “->”

5. Breadcrums with “/”

6. Breadcrums with text:

7. Breadcrums with colors:

7. Breadcrums with arrows and colors for all design:

8. Breadcrums with text and vertical navigation menu:


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