The 3 Components of Good Web Design

From tutsplus Good design isn’t just about good looks, and nowhere is this truer than in web design. In fact it makes sense to think of web design as being made up of three major non-technical components: aesthetic design, information design and interface design. If you want to be a great web designer it’s essential that … Continue reading

White space – A principle in Webdesign

Last Post, we have some examples of website. Today we talked about Whitespace. Why we have to apply whitespace into design? What is benefits form whitespace in Webdesign? Whitespace referred to as “nagative space”. Whitespace will bring effects into Brand Identity, Hierarchical Significance,  Minimalism: Take a look of some samples: Brand Identity Hierarchical Significance Minimalism


Today, I tried to find out some article involving my thesis, then by accident, I found it. Quite interesting to read. Thank you to Simple, Effective Banner Advertising – 3 Great Tips Advertising a website or business is deceptively complicated process, and those who think it’s as simple as creating a colorful box couldn’t be … Continue reading

Types of page with fixed navigation menu

From the resource:   Matthew Smith (, Designboms và  Joshua Johnson (designshack) There are 2 kinds of fixed navigation menu: horizontal fixed navigation and vertical fixed navigation. When could we use horizontal fixed navigation and when could we use vertical horizontal? Could we mix horizontal and vertical in our design? what is advantage and disadvantage? 1. Horizontal … Continue reading

Types of Breadcrumbs on webdesign

Whenever you access any website, the one important thing that you would like to know where you are, where you can go and for what. Therefore, A breadcrumb navigation will help you find you the location that you are in the webpage.  The Advantages of breadcrumb navigation are showing the users’ location, showing the hierarchy, … Continue reading

Expand web contents in interactive way

There are some webs that show us how to expand the content interactively in vertical and horizontal that we do not need to open a new page. Take a look and if you are interested in those kinds of websites, do not hesitate write down your comments, ideas ^^! I. Expand in vertical: 1. Twoto: … Continue reading

Techniques in Feature-Rich Websites

Design is not so difficult once we know some principles, technique. And at the first time, we feel very nervous when we start to design something because we always think we could not image and we are not enough talent to do art things. But don’t worry. Design is also a science that combines with … Continue reading

Các dạng menu

1. Menu dạng 3D: Kiểu thiết kế này tạo ra cấu trúc không gian 3D 2. Menu có kích thước lớn: Dựa theo định luật Fittlaw, các menu có kích thước lớn giúp người dùng dễ định hướng và tìm tới những phần trong nội dung dễ dàng hơn. Dưới đây là các … Continue reading

Các khuynh hướng thiết kế menu trong web

Nguồn: Vitaly Friedman, Smashing Magazine Thanh menu là yếu tố quan trọng nhất trong thiết kế web. Thanh menu giúp người dùng xác định được vị trí và hướng dẫn họ khám phá những phần còn lại trong trang web. Chúng ta hãy cùng xem qua một số dạng thiết kế menu sau: 1. Menu … Continue reading

Lên kế hoạch và thiết kế các dạng menu trong web

Nguồn: Kayla Knight, Smashing Magazine Thanh menu  đơn giản hay phức tạp tùy thuộc vào nội dung trang web nhiều hay ít; các phần logged-in, logged-out,… Tùy theo cách định vị khác nhau ở từng trang web, nên vẫn chưa có một tiêu chuẩn làm thế nào để phân loại từng dạng menu. Mỗi menu … Continue reading