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Effective Communication in Web Design

Effective Communication in web Design is included visual communication and content.  Communication is a one of the foundational element of good website. Regardless of whether the website in question is an e-commerce website, a blog, a portfolio website, an information website for a service company, a government website or any other type of website, there is … Continue reading

The 3 Components of Good Web Design

From tutsplus Good design isn’t just about good looks, and nowhere is this truer than in web design. In fact it makes sense to think of web design as being made up of three major non-technical components: aesthetic design, information design and interface design. If you want to be a great web designer it’s essential that … Continue reading

Creative: Brainstorming in Logo Design Process

About the author: Aquil Akhter is a web graphic designer and has been working in this field for 8 years. He also runs the blog, which focuses on free web resources and inspiration for designers and developers. I get me had a lot of inspiration when reading his article. I posted into my blog to preview … Continue reading

White space – A principle in Webdesign

Last Post, we have some examples of website. Today we talked about Whitespace. Why we have to apply whitespace into design? What is benefits form whitespace in Webdesign? Whitespace referred to as “nagative space”. Whitespace will bring effects into Brand Identity, Hierarchical Significance,  Minimalism: Take a look of some samples: Brand Identity Hierarchical Significance Minimalism


Today, I tried to find out some article involving my thesis, then by accident, I found it. Quite interesting to read. Thank you to Simple, Effective Banner Advertising – 3 Great Tips Advertising a website or business is deceptively complicated process, and those who think it’s as simple as creating a colorful box couldn’t be … Continue reading

What is the schedule tomorrow?

Meet professor Kim, start to collect data from survey => analysis data, rewrite journals (Have to finish this week) Meet professor to talk about the thesis. If have time, find out articles involved in navigation menu in webdesign to find out solution should read:

Types of page with fixed navigation menu

From the resource:   Matthew Smith (, Designboms và  Joshua Johnson (designshack) There are 2 kinds of fixed navigation menu: horizontal fixed navigation and vertical fixed navigation. When could we use horizontal fixed navigation and when could we use vertical horizontal? Could we mix horizontal and vertical in our design? what is advantage and disadvantage? 1. Horizontal … Continue reading

Fixed navigation

1. What is fixed navigation? Fixed–point navigation menu is the menu is fixed in specified area in the site (top, left, right, bottom) so that whenever you scroll up or scroll down the content, fixed navigation menu is located at the same time. Fixed positioning positions elements relative to the browser window itself instead of the … Continue reading

The principles when making creative navigation.

Nowadays, there are many kind of ways in making creative navigation.  HoView Postwever,  they are all based on the rich interface. There are some principles that we should keep in mind when start doing any projects in web design: 1. Consistency Consistency is very important: It’s help people image and connect elements in design. Consistency … Continue reading